Postpartum Midwifery Care

You gave birth in the hospital and now you are home. You might be wondering if you are healing properly. You may have questions or just want someone to make sure you are okay.

Does just the thought of hauling a heavy carseat to the doctor's office makes you exhausted? 

Would you rather avoid sitting in a waiting room full of sick people?  Let me come see you in your own home.  

I provide clinical visits for you and your baby during the postpartum.

 I offer:

  • Expert lactation and breastfeeding help.
  • Assessing your perineal/vaginal healing
  • Well baby care, weight checks
  • Screen and support for mood disorders, including postpartum depression & anxiety.
  • Troubleshoot diaper issues, rashes, fussiness, sleep issues
  • Nutritional counseling, vitamin deficiency testing, holistic health coaching
  • Support for pelvic floor and abdominal wall dysfunction and healing  
  • Design exercise, sleep and activity plans to get you back on your feet again
  • Referrals for problems outside of my scope of care


Postpartum care is reimbursible by most private insurance and an HSA qualified expense.

Postpartum midwifery visits self pay at time of service: $120/visit