MY PASSION IS helping women achieve beautiful births & OPTIMAL HEALTH- preconception, PREGNANCY AND BEYOND. 

I was born “3 weeks late” in the hospital. My older sister was born breech a few years earlier also in the hosptial. No big deal. Both of us were born quickly, naturally, no surgery, no induction because that’s how they used to do things in the 1960-70’s when the US c-section rate was 5%. I assumed I would give birth the same way. Easily, naturally.

I earned a bachelor’s degree in biology right before having my first baby, alongside a fleet of students that went on to become physicians & academic researchers. At the time I believed that the highest tech facility with a doctor from the best university would be the best choice for giving birth. That was until my son was born via an unwanted c-section. I was unable to birth normally, despite my family history of easy births and my good health. How did this happen?

After a bit of research, I learned about the over-medicalization of birth. I had relied too heavily on the doctor’s training and facility to “deliver” my baby. Then I discovered midwives. 

My next two babies were born safely and peacefully at home with a midwife. By grace and opportunity, and the support of my family, I was able train to be a midwife so I could carry on the legacy of the women who helped me and my family.

I have learned much over the past two decades serving women and I hope to share this wisdom and loving care with you.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Biology, Pre-Health Sciences, Colorado College, 1994

  • Worked in maternal child health field since 1996

  • Experienced as hospital based health educator, lactation counselor, childbirth educator & doula

  • Published as research assistant and translator on lactation and reproductive technology research projects

  • Graduate of the Via Vita School of Midwifery

  • Certified by the North American Registry of Midwives (NARM) as a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM), 2013

  • Licensed by the State of Alaska as a Certified Direct-Entry Midwife (CDM), 2016

  • Board Member of the Midwives Association of Alaska, 2016-present

  • Lifelong Alaskan, serving families in Alaska since 2010.

  • Current on certifications in NRP (neonatal resuscitation), BLS (basic life support), and continuing education in emergency obstetrics.