MY PASSION IS helping women achieve beautiful births & OPTIMAL HEALTH- preconception, PREGNANCY AND BEYOND. 

I was born “3 weeks late” in the hospital. My older sister was born breech a few years earlier, also in the hospital. Both born quickly, naturally, no surgery or inductions because that’s how they used to do things in the 1960-70’s when the US c-section rate was 5%. I assumed I would give birth the same way. Easily, naturally.

I earned a bachelor’s degree in biology right before having my first baby. At the time I believed that the highest tech facility with a doctor with the highest certifications and specialization would be the best choice for giving birth. That was until my son was born via an unwanted c-section. I was unable to birth normally, despite my family history of easy births and my great health.

After that experience I became fascinated with maternal/child health and started working in lactation research & public health education. After learning what normal, physiologic birth/ postpartum and supportive care looks like, I chose a midwife instead of a high tech doctor for my next two births. The difference between the two providers was mind blowing.

After my last baby I took the leap to train to become a provider. As a midwife I can give women the attentive and supportive care that I believe is in great shortage and that all families deserve. As a midwife I carry the torch-the timeless legacy of the women helping women. I also get the honor to facilitate and witness some of the most sacred, breathtaking moments of people’s lives.

I have learned much over the past two decades serving women. I hope to have the opportunity to share this wisdom, experience and loving care with you.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Biology, Colorado College, 1994

  • Lactation and reproductive technology research assistant, maternal/child health clinical assistant, 1996-1998

  • Hospital based health educator, lactation counselor, childbirth educator, 2000-2002

  • Clinical midwifery apprenticeship 2008-2012. Certificate from Via Vita School of Midwifery

  • Certified by the North American Registry of Midwives (NARM) as a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM), 2013

  • Licensed by the State of Alaska as a Certified Direct-Entry Midwife (CDM), 2016

  • Executive Board Member of the Midwives Association of Alaska, 2016-present

  • Current on certifications in NRP (neonatal resuscitation), BLS (basic life support), and continuing education in emergency obstetrics.